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Skynett ry is a registered organization ('ry' comes from finnish, 'rekister´┐Żity yhdistys') from Finland. Skynett ry organizes Skynett Langames and Samilan lanparties, Skynett Langames already for 16 times (first ones were called as Skynett Langames 0) and Samilan has been organized in collaboration with Savonlinna's upper secondary vocational school for 3 times. Skynett ry is registered in 2004 and held its first lanparties in the same year. The 17th Skynett Langames, called as Skynett Langames 16 is held in few weeks, in Parikkala, eastern Finland. Nowdays Skynett Langames is held two times in a year, our summer happening is a smaller, only ~50 computer places party. Our winter happening, most usually held from 27th to 29th of December, is our main party having approximately 120 computer places. Skynett ry (the organization) is a member of the Finnish eSports federation, Seul ry.


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