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LlamaLAN kicked off as a one-off in 2002, mostly just so team-mates clan FTD had a good excuse to meet in person. Tim, aka 'Kanonfodda', was asked when the next one would be... and here we are still going, expanded to a scout hut capable of housing 40 players. LlamaLAN events are unique - the LANs have a good reputation as a friendly cosy LAN party where dramatic fun is the priority. Every event has a theme. Every event has a running tale in an ongoing Llama Saga, with multiple endings based on which of the Four Big Teams win the event, played out in rather deranged CG videos projected onto the walls. We run tournaments for the Big Teams, 1v1s and your own clans, complete with the best prizes we can afford / get sponsored with ;) Check the event details for prices, visit the site to see what we get up to, read the feedback - even check us out on LlamaLANs events are amazing value and attract people from across the country.


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