Event: TFF Halloween Lan


Organizer: The Frag Factory
Event website: http://www.thefragfactory.com/index.php?page=oct-2015

Starts: 2015-10-16 22:00:00
Finishes: 2015-10-18 18:00:00

Ticket price on door: ?
Ticket price in advance: ?

Additional details:

48 player lan event,

Cat 6 Cabling

LanFuel hot food throughout the event, serving fresh hot food at breakfast, lunch and supper.

Outdoor sports and social Games


Virtual Reality Racing setups x 4


Fun and Friendly environment


Title: Valley Community Centre
Location: lat: 53.5737, lng: -1.4206 , map of venue only


Sleeping: Indoors, camping and private rooms at venue
Showers?: No
Smoking area?: Yes
Alcohol allowed?: Yes
Number of seats: 48
Network connection (mbps): 0
Internet connection (mbps): 76