Event: Kira's K-9 Charity LAN


Organizer: TrickyWolfGaming
Event website: http://trickywolfgaming.weebly.com/lan-parties.html

Starts: 2015-10-23 09:00:00
Finishes: 2015-10-25 10:00:00

Ticket price on door: 15.00 USD
Ticket price in advance: 10.00 USD

Additional details:

We will be hosting a LAN party at Game Traders Club in Annville, PA. The purpose of the event will be to raise money for Kira Naftzinger, a gamer who has Cerebral Palsy. There will be many tournaments, games, and other activities going on during the 2 day event. We will also be selling food, drinks, and snacks graciously given from our wonderful sponsors.

Ticket price is $10 if you register on this site and $15


Title: Game Traders Club
Location: lat: 40.3326, lng: -76.5003 , map of venue only


Sleeping: Not aranged by organizer
Showers?: No
Smoking area?: Yes
Alcohol allowed?: No
Number of seats: 75
Network connection (mbps): 1000
Internet connection (mbps): 8