Event: eFragz 37


Organizer: efragz
Event website: http://www.efragz.net/LAN/lan.html

Starts: 2014-02-07 19:30:00
Finishes: 2014-02-09 19:30:00

Ticket price on door: 30.00 GBP
Ticket price in advance: 30.00 GBP

Additional details:

Hopefully eFragz biggest event after hosting 86 at our last one. The plan is to make it bigger but keep the same relaxed atmosphere we've always love at our events!!

Our internet is 200mbps and has always been rock solid! But in fortunately it wont allow me to input that on this site :P


Title: Pontymoile, Wales
Location: lat: 51.6948, lng: -3.04379 , map of venue only


Sleeping: Indoors and camping at venue
Showers?: No
Smoking area?: Yes
Alcohol allowed?: Yes
Number of seats: 100
Network connection (mbps): 1000
Internet connection (mbps): 1