Event: eFragz LAN 35


Organizer: efragz
Event website: http://efragz.net/LAN/lan.html

Starts: 2013-03-15 18:00:00
Finishes: 2013-03-17 18:00:00

Ticket price on door: 30.00 GBP
Ticket price in advance: 30.00 GBP

Additional details:

Rocking into 2013 eFragz will have a slightly different approach to our lan events, bring your rig, your food, a ton of your friends and some beers. We'l give you a brilliant network rock solid superfast internet and a place to sleep so you can game to your hearts content.

any questions or querys post up on the forums or contact me directly.




Title: Pontymoile, Wales
Location: lat: 51.6948, lng: -3.04379 , map of venue only


Sleeping: Indoors and camping at venue
Showers?: Yes
Smoking area?: No
Alcohol allowed?: Yes
Number of seats: 72
Network connection (mbps): 1000
Internet connection (mbps): 200