Event: ShinyLAN Christmas LAN 2011


Organizer: ShinyLAN
Event website: http://www.shinylan.co.uk

Starts: 2011-12-26 19:00:00
Finishes: 2011-12-29 19:00:00

Ticket price on door: 35.00 GBP
Ticket price in advance: 20.00 GBP

Additional details:

It's time for the unveiling of the tournaments and schedule for the much anticipated Christmas ShinyLAN (that's right, its going ahead and the hall is confirmed!), taking place from 7pm on Monday 26th December 2011 until 7pm on Thursday 29th December 2011 (please note the later than usual start/finish times). To avoid time delays on the day please ensure that ALL of your games are INSTALLED AND PATCHED ahead of the event.

As I've mentioned before, the LAN is more a labour of love to the staff and not something that is run for profit. As the bank balance is looking slightly healthier than normal at the moment, we are able to REDUCE our ticket price for this event. The full event ticket price for Christmas is just £20 for all 72 hours, this also includes a free meal cooked by the staff on Monday night (the chilli seemed to go down well last year!). This price will be available up until 30 days before the event at which point the normal £30 ticket price kicks in. In order to avoid on the door payments, the usual £35 will continue to be charged, so get your payment in early and save £15, that's 3 bottles of half decent wine, a crate of decent beer or a litre or spiced rum'..if it's on special offer. Hell, you could even adopt 7 or 8 starving Somalians if the urge took you!

If you haven't already done so please head over to the website www.shinylan.co.uk and get signed up. Even if you can't pay until you arrive, please at least register so we can get a rough idea of numbers!

There will be the usual tomfoolery in the side room with poker, risk, monopoly, shoot pontoon and various other board games and as always, the staff will provide you with a meal on Monday night as the shops will be closed. The projector and sound system will been on hand as always to provide us with some late night films whilst a new addition to the event will be the 'Red vs Blue Boat Race' taking place on Saturday night (strictly over 18's only!), to hell with computer games, let's see which team can drink like men/


Title: Wincanton, Somerset, United Kingdom
Location: lat: 51.0563, lng: -2.4069 , map of venue only


Sleeping: Indoors at venue
Showers?: No
Smoking area?: Yes
Alcohol allowed?: Yes
Number of seats: 44
Network connection (mbps): 1000
Internet connection (mbps): 2