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These venues are halls, rooms and places that host LAN Parties. You can view venues by country, or find an organizer that takes your fancy.

Venue name Used by organizer # of upcomming events Country
Blitterswijck, Netherlands Lanners Edge 0 Netherlands
Eindhoven, Netherlands The Party 0 Netherlands
Enschede, Netherlands Benelux Gaming 0 Netherlands
Evenementen Venray Lanners Edge 0 Netherlands
Goirle, Netherlands WittebolX 0 Netherlands
Hollum, Ameland, Netherlands Drome 0 Netherlands
Landgraaf, Netherlands TiMES COOL 0 Netherlands
Lutterworth, Netherlands S.S.D.D. 0 Netherlands
Nijmegen IDentity 0 Netherlands
Oirschot, Netherlands CampZone 0 Netherlands
Sneek, Netherlands The Reality 0 Netherlands
Someren, Netherlands Success and The Ruling Company 0 Netherlands