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Cookie name Duration/Expires Description
lanlistUser Session (normally, when you close your browser) This stores an alphanumeric random string that is used to track your login session. This is also set for "guest" users (who have not logged in). Disabling this cookie will just break the login functionality of the site.
mylocation Session (normally, when you close your browser) Used to remember your current location, as entered into the "directions to a LAN" form on the events map and homepage. Disabling this cookie will stop the directions functionality from working.
__utma, __utmb, __utmc, etc... (Google's cookies) uses a lot of Google services to build the site because we believe Google has some of the best technology and code available.

Part of the services we use are Google Analitics, which set cookies. There is lots of information about these cookies on the Google Developer website.

How to block cookies in your browser

If you really want to block cookies, we suggest you use a search engine to find the manual page for your browser. These links might help you out too...